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My Approach to Rolfing® and Life

I came to Rolfing after living at a Zen monastery for seven years. Prior to this, I spent two years studying acupuncture at Nanjing University in China before returning to Ireland to open my own clinic. By this time, I had already been practicing Zen for several years and found that it infused my life with wonder and vitality. It also made me feel more present and attuned to my own experience and that of my clients. During this time, I also learned muscle energy and manual therapy techniques as well as deep tissue massage. Although I enjoyed my work at the clinic, more and more I heard the call of Zen. So in 2014, I closed my clinic, stored my belongings, and leapt off the 100-foot pole into the unknown. 


The years I spent as a Zen monk were inspiring, eye-opening, and heartbreaking. Sometimes it was dark and heavy, and other times the profound beauty of life and the Great Mystery shone through me. After deeply immersing myself in the rigors of monastic life, I began to feel the call to return to a career of helping and serving people to become more embodied and self-aware. I was looking for a therapeutic model that took an integrative and collaborative approach toward healing that empowers the client. After experiencing the lasting effects of a Rolfing® Ten Series, I knew beyond a doubt that becoming a Rolfer was what I needed to do.


Please contact me to learn more about Rolfing sessions in San Francisco and Marin County.

Learn more about me, Zen & Rolfing in this article on San Francisco Zen Center's blog.

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About Tanya: My Practice
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