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Why Do A Rolfing Ten Series?

If something hurts, the reasons for the pain are most likely to be in the connective structures above and below the area. The chain of dysfunction might stretch all the way from your feet to your head, affecting multiple components and manifesting anywhere along the chain. Most massage therapy modalities only treat the superfical symptoms, which might make you feel better at first. However, there usually aren’t any long-lasting effects.


The systemic, multilayered approach of the Rolfing SI Ten Series allows me to affect the client’s structure in a methodical manner. This includes loosening superficial fascia before working deeper areas, improving support in the feet and legs, lengthening the front of the body, lifting to the sternum, integrating the pelvis so the feet’s kinetic force transfers effortlessly to the upper body, and aligning the head and the neck. Rolfers call it “putting the head on.”  The last three sessions  are dedicated to connecting all the pieces and improving overall structural function.

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Why Rolfing?: My Practice
rolfing therapy near me

Dr. Ida Rolf, Ph.D., treating a client

The Benefits of Rolfing Ten Series

The Rolfing® Ten Series is about whole-body structural integration and functional efficiency as opposed to specific symptom relief.  Some of the benefits of Rolfing® Ten Series are: 

  • Release of chronic muscular tension and pain

  • Elongation  and integration of the body 

  • More efficient energy use

  • Psycho-emotional opening and growth

  • Expansion of breath & mobility of rib cage

  • Freer joint movement and flexibility

  • Increase body awareness

Why Rolfing?: My Practice
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